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The Instruments of Voyeurism

Not long ago, the Philippine National Police, in posters as well as on their Facebook page, highlighted the modus operandi of certain gangs in metros to increase awareness among travellers. Steps like these taken by the government are significant so that people have the know-how about how crimes occur, in which situations they occur, etc and consequently be on guard to prevent such happenings. Voyeurism is a new age crime and due to this awareness about it is lacking. Nonetheless, our team at Anti-Voyeurism forum is here to impart the crucial knowledge of the modus operandi of the perpetrators of Voyeurism.

Modes of commission

    Be watchful because the offence of Voyeurism can be committed in the following ways:
  1. Physical spying – Here, the offender directly observes the victim.
  2. Recording – Any person who records someone who is doing a private act, with the intention that the recorded image will be viewed by the offender or another person is an offender.
  3. Installing equipment – Voyeurism can be committed by installing equipment or constructing or adapting a structure with the intention of enabling the offender or another person to observe a private act. Ergo, the person who installs the equipment or allows the installation of the equipment is also an offender.
  4. Operating equipment – Any person who operates equipment with the intention of enabling someone else to observe the victim is an offender.
  5. Viewers – Any person who views such a content of Voyeurism or further spreads such content is an abettor in the crime of Voyeurism.

The Instruments of Voyeurism

  1. Voyeurism by spy cameras
    With the increase in technology and the decrease in the size of technological devices, the dangers of the misuse of such technologies have seen an upsurge. Cameras today can be fitted in every imaginable device. Pinhole cameras can be fitted in teddy bears, furniture, fire detectors, bathroom showers, lamps, and even screws and inside walls. Certain web cameras can even transmit live images over the Internet. Due to this the recording and transmission of content take place at the same time, with no time lag. This leaves no time for detection and prevention of dissemination. Some of the examples of such breach of privacy can be viewed on our website____. UP rape videos business
  2. Voyeurism by hacking cameras
    It is now known that cameras like security cameras, laptop and desktop cameras, web cameras, etc can be hacked from far-away sources and record the owners day to day activities. The infamous RAT virus is one of such viruses which can be sent to the victim by mail or in apps from third-party sites (which are 90% of the time accompanied with some malware). Once the virus/remote access software is downloaded on the victims’ computer, the offender can completely control the computer from any location. They can play music; access all your data, your banking details and a lot more. A number of websites specially dedicated to such content are present on the internet. The best thing to do is to always have an anti-virus on your laptop and never turn it off. Also, never download apps from third-party sites and do not check suspicious emails. It is also better to keep the laptops in public spaces like the living room rather than in private places such as the bedroom. You may even cover the web cameras with a cloth or band-aid or something opaque. The same is the case with mobile phones. In addition to this, mobile phones, laptops, etc can be hacked using Bluetooth as well. Even security cameras which are placed in our houses like the nanny cam or baby cam, etc can be hacked. This mostly happens when the passwords to such cameras are weak or are in default settings. There are many tutorials online which show how to find such weak security cameras, hack them and steal private data. It is always safer to enable a strong password and regularly check your device for any suspicious activity. Power on
  3. Voyeurism by stealing deleted data
    Data deleted from phones, pen drives and laptops are not always permanently deleted. When someone deletes any data, only the path/address pointing to that particular file is deleted and the actual data file is not deleted. There are various software that can restore the deleted files from the digital storage device. When we sell or dispose of electronic devices that are old, the old data can be recovered from such devices if they are not properly formatted before giving away. Not just private images and documents but also private data such as banking details, etc can also be retrieved and misused. It is better to avoid clicking images/videos of private nature and to format the phone well before selling it, etc.
  4. Voyeurism by two-way mirror
    A two-way mirror or one-way mirror with another way the transparent glass is a mirror that is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa. Hence, storerooms, hotels which have such kind of glass can easily record and view all the activities of the person by either placing a camera behind such mirror or by directly viewing through the mirror. This mirror is not easily detectable. But you may try turning off the light in the changing room, hotel etc, cup your fingers over your eyes and try to look into the mirror from a close distance. This method is not foolproof.
  5. Revenge porn
    Revenge porn is the non-consensual dissemination of private images or media by one person of another, as a tool for seeking revenge. Women are mostly victims of such crimes; however, cases of male victims are also on the rise. The offender is usually an ex-lover, husband, colleague or some person well-known to the victim. The data is sometimes given consensually but its dissemination is against their will. The offender often with the intent of revenge shares the data with the victims near ones and posts it on porn or social media sites. They may use fake IDs to prevent identification. Heat sensors cannot see through walls

    Special scenarios
    There can occur certain scenarios wherein it may be confusing as to what would be the effect of such happenings. Some of them are as follows:

    • If the person is blind and commits Voyeurism by physical spying (or it may appear to be so), a completely blind individual would not be liable for punishment. But a partially blind person may be prosecuted if he had the intention of committing the offence.
    • If a person did not intend to look at some private act and his behaviour proves this he may not be liable for punishment. However, if he does not intend to look but once he does, he continues looking with a new intention to commit Voyeurism, he is liable to be punished.
    • In case of a child committing the offence of Voyeurism, the rules under Sec 82 and 83 of the Indian Penal Code will apply. A child below the age of 7 cannot be liable at any cost due to insufficient maturity. A child in the age group of 7 to 12 may be liable only if he is mature enough to understand the nature and consequences of the act. Whereas a child above the age of 12 is liable for punishment.
      1. The modes of the commission are many but the preventive and remedial provisions in the law are few for crimes such as Voyeurism. Our draft bill seeks to address this very problem. The offences committed as above mentioned lead to embarrassment, mental trauma, depression, etc of the victim. It is necessary to always be aware and be vigilant at all times.

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