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Application Form

The Secretary,
World Anti-Voyeurism Forum,
Sangli, India.
Subject : Request For The Accredation of Our Company/Hotel/Establishment/Organization etc.

With reference to the above subject, we wish to apply to you for accredation of our company. We are ready to abide by the terms and conditions of your forum. We have inspected our premises through local police authority/appropriate governmental authority and achieved the certificate stating that our Company/Hotel/Establishment/Organization etc. is absolutely free from voyeurism. The same certificate is attached herewith.

Our details are as follows :

Download Sample Format
  1. Speciment Application To Be Filed To Local Police Authority/Appropriate Governmental Authority
  2. Specimen Of Certificate To Be Achieved From Local Police Authority/Appropriate Governmental Authority

*Scanned copy of licenses/certificate must be in high resolution and will be visible to visitors of our company.


We believe that violation of the right to privacy has been major obstacles to human rights, freedom and rule of law. We believe that one and all need to work together to eradicate the voyeurism which is a serious crime.

We, therefore, do hereby solemnly affirm, state on the oath and pledge that -

  1. We shall promote ethical business practices and foster a culture of honesty;
  2. We commit to good corporate governance based on right to privacy, related accountability and fairness;
  3. We shall sensitise our consumers and citizen of laws, regulations etc relevant to their privacy and anti-voyeurism;
  4. We shall provide grievance redressal and whistleblower mechanism for reporting grievances and fraudulent activities;
  5. We shall protect the rights and interests of every human being regarding privacy and anti-voyeurism;
  6. Our Company/Hotel/Establishment/Organization etc. is totally free from voyeurism and we have appropriate preventive measures for the protection of privacy of every individual availing services of us;
  7. The information provided by us here is true and correct and if anything found wrong, we shall be liable for punishment;

Hence, the pledge.


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