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How to get Accreditation?

Welcome to the Accreditation procedure of WAVF! To get accredited by WAVF, follow the 5-step method as given below:
Step 1: Application for inspection to the Police/Public Authority
Send in an application to the Police/Public authority under whose jurisdiction your establishment is situated for an inspection of your establishment and its premises.
If required, you may refer to our Sample format, which lays down all necessary aspects. However, this is not mandatory and you may use your own format.
DO NOT FORGET: In case your establishment has branches in different jurisdictions of the Police/ Public Authority, each branch has to be inspected by their respective Police/Public Authority. Only on inspection of every branch will you be provided accreditation to WAVF.
Step 2: The Inspection
Each establishment should ensure that every room and area of the premises of their establishment is inspected. It is the responsibility of every establishment to disclose any previous record of Voyeurism and the measures taken to curb the same.
Each establishment should also have a mechanism to address any complaints of consumers/visitors and proper measures should be taken to address the consumers’/visitors’ concerns.
Step 3: Certificate granted by the Police
After the completion of the inspection, the Police may grant a “Voyeurism-free” certificate to the establishment. The certificate must contain the following:

  1. The establishments previous history on record with the Police
  2. The establishments present status w.r.t the offence of Voyeurism
  3. The presence of a rederessal mechanism for consumers/visitors to avail
If required, you may refer to our Sample format for Certificate, which has all the required contents.
However, this is not mandatory and the appropriate authority may use their own format. It is to be noted that, if the certificate does not contain the above contents, accreditation may not be given.
Step 4: Application to WAVF
To make an application to WAVF, kindly visit the Get Accreditation page on our website.
In the application, you will be required to attach the following documents:
1. Company/ Establishment License
2. Certificate by the Police/Public Authority
Kindly note, it is mandatory to send a copy of the above two documents to our registered address without which accreditation may not be given.
Step 5: Accreditation by WAVF
On verifying all the documents and certificates (hard copy and soft copy), WAVF will add your establishment to the list of establishments accredited to it.
Kindly note, the right to accredit the premises lies solely with the management of WAVF and the decision of the management will be final.
To get accredited by WAVF, click here.

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